Women of the Flooring Business

5 Thoughts for the Retail Sales Manager

Some thoughts on what’s working right now as a retail store manager. . . 

Office parties are fun, but having the day off for your Birthday is even better

We give everyone on our team the day off on their Birthday. It might not seem like a lot to everyone, but that little something extra goes a long way

Catch a Breath of Fresh Air

I encourage my team to take a walk.  Get out of these walls for at least 10min a day.  It’s amazing what some fresh air, and a quick walk can do for your mind.

Ask yourself, would you want to be managed by you?

I ponder this often…I find that I would much rather be a coach than a manager.  I like to sit side-by-side with a team member to work with them through a challenge vs. standing over their shoulder (or similar.) 

Know that the data doesn’t always show the whole picture

Looking at numbers and reports are great, but a one-to-one sit down is going to tell you so much more.  

Remember to Recharge

I love to ask my team members:  What recharges you?  And then ask them to really think about it.  Is it a night out with girlfriends?  Is it a quiet night to yourself?  Is it a spa day being pampered?  Is it getting together with likeminded people (like at a convention or a networking event?)  Invite your team members to explore that and remind them to take time doing things that recharge them outside the office.

Rachel Berlin is a Design Consultant & Sales Manager at Precision Floors & Decor in Plymouth, Wisconsin where she approaches management with the mindset of a Coach to create a work environment that promotes the well-being of her team.