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Personal Reflections | Communicating through Conflict


I can communicate through a conflict at an expert level. 

Place your hand on your heart as you read these words:

When I am faced with conflict I know how to handle myself. My first resort is communication. Good communication is cool water for a fiery conflict. 

In order to communicate effectively, I take my time to respond, never answering abruptly. I take deep breaths and speak slowly.  

I listen to the other person’s point of view. I can listen to others without interruption. When someone is talking, I am genuinely listening and not just planning my next statement. 

When I communicate with others, I respect their point of view. My goal in communicating is not to be right, but work well with others. I simply need to find a common ground for us to get along and accomplish our goals. 

When I speak, I communicate my point of view in a way that is easy to understand. My words and tone are chosen carefully. 

When others speak to me, I repeat back what I hear to be sure that I understand them. When I speak to them, I ask them to do the same, so I know they fully understand my meaning. 

My experience has taught me that people communicate differently. People of different genders or cultures communicate in many diverse ways. I am aware of these differences and honor them when I speak to others. 

My speech is free from accusations and whining. I can share my feelings and ask for what I need in order to effect change. 

When my speech is clear, I get the results I desire from every conversation. 

Self-Reflection Questions: 

  1. Am I able to talk calmly in a conflict? 
  2. What is my goal in communicating? 
  3. Am I a good listener?
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Expert communication affirmation