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Fall/Winter 2022 Newsletter

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Welcome to our inaugural issue! You make us successful. You make the difference. Women are disruptors, impactful and creative. We are helping businesses to learn and grow and improve.

Lisbeth Calandrino
Chief Inspiration Officer
Co-Contributing Editor

Michelle Bayer
Director of Communications
Co-Contributing Editor

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Chris article

Sharpening The Saw In The Flooring Industry
By Chris Ogden

“Have you ever been too busy driving to stop for gas?” That’s a question asked by Stephen Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. We may smile, but the reminder is one that most of us need. While often used to refer to the need for self-renewal, it can also apply to the health and stability of your business. How organized and efficient are your processes? Do things run like a well-oiled machine, even in your absence? How accessible (and accurate) is key information on exactly what is happening within your business? Are you making the profits you should? {Read the full article here}

Karndean article

How Lighting Affects your Flooring by Karndean

Lighting plays a huge role in how your flooring and other furnishings will look in your home. Just like color or paint, lighting impacts the overall feeling and mood of the space. Improper lighting can cause glare, eye strain and even headaches. {Read the Full Article Here}
Lisbeth article
Women, Work & Leadership by Lisbeth Calandrino visit Page 22 of Premier Flooring Retailer Magazine 

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