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I rounded up a few of my favorite things on the internet that I share so often they deserved a dedicated place for all to see!  This is not a comprehensive list, of course or it would be a really long read. Instead, it’s the lesser-known, sort of hidden gems that people pull out a pen and paper to write down when I mention them.  Some of these are affiliate links so if you click from here there’s a chance Women of the Flooring Business may receive some form of compensation but I’m sharing each of these purely from a place of passion for your success.  💜, Michelle

What is the value of my business? How much can I sell my business for? These are questions every business owner asks themselves at some point in their career.  Usually, a business valuation firm will charge a fee for you to value your business. This valuation calculator uses the same tools and methods that these firms use, free of cost. The valuation approach used for this calculation is the multiples method. This method is one of the most widely used strategies when finding a sale price for a company. It applies a multiple (usually between 1-5, depending on what similar companies have sold for in the past and health of the business) and multiplies it by the company’s cash flow. 

VISIT: https://31stcapital.com/business-valuation

My friend Shannon Vogel first pointed me in Xintory’s direction when I as really in a bind.  I’ve gone back and utilized it so many times, and tell everyone who could benefit from this creative solution.  Here’s what their about us says, “Xintory is the floor covering trade’s online marketplace to buy 1st quality discontinued and running line floor covering direct from manufacturers, distributors and other dealers and to sell your inventory to other dealers nationwide. We are strictly B2B, open to the floor covering trade only.” Basically, Xintory links buyers and sellers of overstock goods. ⭐Buy first quality discontinued and overstocked floor coverings at a fraction of the cost direct from manufacturers, distributors and other dealers. ⭐Sell your discontinued and overstocked floor coverings to dealers nationwide. As often as retailers reach out, searching each other’s stock in emergencies, I am really hoping this catches on! Register for free.

VISIT: https://www.xintory.com

So, funny story… I am not good at math.  When I had the opportunity in college to opt out of math class and study a foreign language instead, I took Portuguese. I questioned that decision for many years, because that part of my brain just stopped working. Seriously, and that made me insecure because math is a pretty important part of business and especially, estimating flooring. So, I signed up for all kinds of apps that are supposed to awaken that part of your brain and took math classes online but I was still challenged even by so much as my 2nd graders homework. For real. Out of options, I asked one of the most successful people I know (who also happened to be a math whiz) what I could do to become one of those people who could quickly calculate things in. their. heads! This is what he told me, “You don’t need to know math, Michelle. Other people are just as puzzled by how you can do what you can do. You just need to know someone who can do the math for you.” Enter, my best friend in business, all hail! the Omni Calculator. You can calculate pretty much anything on their site, but for quick estimates, I’ve used the markup/margin calculator the most.

VISIT: https://www.omnicalculator.com/finance/margin-2-sets

This is hands down, my absolute favorite personal productivity tool.  There are so many integrations and It organizes everything you need to do each day in one place… tasks, emails, you name it. But it goes way beyond that which is why it’s trusted by some of the most successful people out there.  For me, it’s that it gives me a clear view of where I’m maximizing my time and where I’m totally blowing it so I can adjust my priorities to get the most out of life.  And I am not kidding you, their email list is I want to forward them to everyone in my contacts each time I get them because they. are. that. good.  You can get a free trial using this link. (Beyond that it’s $16-20/month, depending on your billing plan) Even if you don’t take it passed the free trial phase, it is so effective in helping you look at how you’re managing your workload that it’s worth using it for those first 14 days alone. 

VISIT: https://sunsama.grsm.io/womenflooring

Have you ever collected a stack of business cards and then went to go back through them and couldn’t remember who was who? I am absolutely terrible with names and unless a card is really memorable or has a photo, chances are I won’t retain that information by the time I get back to my office. That’s why I like to create fun and meaningful business cards that stand out and it’s really easy to do that on Moo. Use this link to get 25% off of your order.

Thanks for reading! Drop your favorite places on the internet in the comments and I will check them out so I can add to this list as I discover more gems like the ones I listed above.

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