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8 Ways to Avoid Making Painful Mistakes with Your Social Media

8 Simple Social Media Actions To Pay Attention To Now:

Social media is like any other advertising medium. It requires thought and may seem overwhelming at first. It really isn’t difficult but starts with a basic understanding of your business and what you’re trying to achieve. If getting more customers and making more money is what you’re after, social media is the medium. It’s today’s marketing tool and can help you achieve what you’re after. Like anything else, you need a plan.

8 Simple Social Media Actions To Pay Attention To Now:

Know  your customers. You’ve heard this before; not all customers are the right customers. You want the ones that will increase your profit not put you out of business. Decide which customers you’re after and determine where they hang out. How do you know, ask your customers what types of social media they use. I don’t know any businesses that actually talk with their customers about their social media preferences. Only your customers can tell you which social media will work best for you.

Hire a professional. Sure every 14-year-old can set up your social media sites and teach you how to use them. Please don’t put them in charge of posting etc. unless they have a marketing degree and understand the flooring customer!

Review Google’s article on “The Zero Moment of Truth.” This article explains the customer and the customer’s journey to your store. There are several updates on the article, but it will explain the customer’s route and how you can interrupt their journey. The key is to steer them to your store before someone else gets them.

Understand the value of blogging. I’m tired of hearing owners say; I don’t want to blog, or I don’t know how to do it. After reviewing “The Zero Moment of Truth,” you will understand why you have to blog. If you don’t understand how and why it works give me a call. If you want a professional to connect with your blogging, there are plenty of us in your industry. Most of us have been blogging since 2009 and understand the value and how it connects with the customer.

I love blogging; it connects with the customer on many levels. If you understand your business, you know what they need to know about you, your store and your products. It’s not complicated; it’s like sitting down and talking with old friends about what they need to know about choosing your business. 

Write about things that interest you. If you have a good barbecue recipe, post it on your blog. You will be surprised how many people will send you their recipes.

Here is why blogs work: they keep  you and your customer connected, builds deeper relationships and allows you to talk with them without being intrusive. 

Be consistent. You can’t post one week and then post three months later. Social media is a way to develop friendships and takes time and consistency to continue to build the relationships.

Get inspiration from other businesses. Once you’ve looked at all your competitors venture out to other businesses you admire. Who in your city does great businesses, where do they post, what do they post? Choose one and look at what posts get them the most comments. Do they hold contests, do they do “live” broadcasting, what about videos? Find a business you think does a good job and follows them, sign up for their blogs; what do they post that inspires you?

Create a calendar and stick to it. This way you won’t forget the holidays as well as important events such “The Red Dress Month,” or Mother’s Day. You can add to it but start with the basics. 

Expand your audience by using Facebook targeting options and other Facebook campaigns.

Use great images, we all love videos and photos. Don’t forget your pets!