Women of the Flooring Business

Become A Part of Our Industry Insiders Circle!

Apply for your seat at the table and make your voice heard!​

Through our industry connections, we have been asked by industry manufacturers and distributors to provide them with essential feedback. 

Flooring3 e1638534629119Get in on the ground floor!

Be on the inside to help them with new product differentiation as well as customer service. You will find this very helpful to your business and improve your relationship with your suppliers.

Your participation may include:

  • Membership in focus and advisory groups
  • Concept testing of new products
  • Act as the “voice of your consumer.”
You will have the opportunity to:
Potential Opportunities Include:
  • Provide feedback to manufacturers on the strength of their brand presence and perceived competitive advantages/disadvantages
  • Gain direct access to the marketing departments… and their budgets.
  • Weigh in on marketing:
    • Does their social media and online presence help you sell their merchandise?
    • How can manufacturers better support your own social media and local advertising efforts.
    • Learn how to host TikTok contests and pitch marketing ideas to manufacturers that get consumers involved in  marketing.
  • Participate in installation challenges and round table discussions with their master installer.
  • Speak directly with their design and product departments to provide feedback and learning about new colors and products.

What Is the Time Commitment?

You must make a 6 month commitment and be prepared to spend about 5 hours per month working with the committee. 

How Do I Get Started?

You must be an Executive Member in good standing.  There are limited spaces in the Circle – and it is by application only.  Email [email protected] to start your application today!

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