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Want more Leads? Uplevel your Online Game!

Want to generate leads and increase sales?

Up your online game.

I often hear biz owners say digital ads are too expensive and online marketing takes too much time fortoo little return. The truth is, it’s a proven path to lead generation and sales – sometimes directly off your online activities! Your digital marketing can deliver leads to your door and they continue to work while you sleep or are helping other customers, vs traditional in-person lead gen activities that force you to choose between prospecting and actually closing sales.

How do we know it works? Research proves it. And thousands of online entrepreneurs are making plenty of sales using these methods, and they never physically meet with customers to make a sale.

Here are 3 ideas (Plus a Bonus) for you to try:

1. (Essentially) FREE: Get POSTING!

POST regularly, specifically and strategically. Get customers to give you testimonials or videos of your installations. Do your own videos. Use Instagram and Pinterest to show off products and your business. Remember, you are building relationships, not just selling – your posts should be about more than just your products! And MAKE SURE you include a call to action in your posts!!!

Get your team to share your posts regularly and your reach will increase. This will not only increase your leads, it will help add the social proof that customers are looking for and will make your sales easier to close. Go into appropriate local groups and share and interact with people there – act as a good community member and expert in your field and you’ll definitely generate leads.

1a. Also free: Let people know what you offer!

Add a Facebook shop to your page or your Instagram page. You can actually tag products in Instagram if you set them up properly! You can also list services and arrange to have folks set up appointments directly on FB. This is a great timesaver and a perfect way to catch them when they are ready to act!

2. Not as expensive as you think: Use Facebook/IG ads to directly target people who are ready to buy in your area.

Using an appropriate call to action in your ads will send business your way. If you use the lead ad type, you can also collect contact information directly from those ads. They are pretty easy to set up and they are really cost effective in terms of ROI once you get your target market and message dialed in. Then you can let them run as long as you like on autopilot.

3. Consider other digital lead generation ads.

Waze and Google are really effective tools. And mobile ads with geofenced targeting (you can actually “grab” potential customers literally as they are shopping at another store!) are incredibly effective, and can ultimately provide a very high return on investment.

BONUS: Develop a cohesive digital marketing strategy!

You have to plan to be successful using digital marketing. Where will you send interested customers? Will they call you, or set an appointment online, message you (customers LOVE messaging, and will do it all day and night, so be prepared if you use it!), or go to your website? Who will answer questions? Who will monitor messaging apps for leads? How will you pass off leads for follow-up? Which actions will you take first? How will you measure if they work (or don’t work?)

Which digital marketing activities have you tried? What worked for you? What didn’t? Let us know in the comments below!

Feeling overwhelmed by the options and don’t know where to start? Contact [email protected] for assistance.

Deb Vincent Evans is the resident tech goddess at Women of the Flooring Business. With over 20 years experience in digital marketing including the retail sector (and the engine behind our site), she loves to teach business how to maximize their growth and success using digital tools.