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What People Are Saying:

Living in a world of ever-changing information, access to information and knowledge is key to success. Women represent a growing segment of our industry. Women of the Flooring Business is dedicated to be the resource for women who in the past may have been challenged to find reliable training or mentors. From the strong leadership of Lisbeth Calandrino, Michelle Winters and Rachel Berlin, a community has been created to nurture and support each other.

Kathy Case

I am so thankful for Women of the Flooring Business and how willing everyone is to share tips, advice, pictures and more!! I have listened to that advice and put it into practice, it helps me stay positive for the next week. I have gotten up at 4am to listen to the podcasts and watch the YouTube videos a lot of you have and I'm every bit thankful for this community. I have had a lot of wins this week and those aren't always monetary wins but they are always celebrated including the support I receive from all of you.

Ashley Peterson