Women of the Flooring Business


Lisbeth Calandrino welcomed our Guest, Paul Treanor to talk about navigating Trade Shows and Conventions this year.

Meet Paul Treanor

Paul started his career at the World Floor Covering Association right out of College.  His first job was Temp’ing at WFCA and when The International Surfaces Event changed ownership, he went with it to Informa. He has since gone on to become a leader in the Trade Show Industry. He is the Sr. Manager of Content & Community for TISE.r. Manager of Content & Community


1. Determine your goals for attending the Trade Show

Create a plan to meet with the people you want to see. Reach out in advance and schedule times with the Exhibitors that you want to connect with. 

2. Plan which Sessions you’ll be attending and add them to the Calendar on your phone

Set reminders for the sessions you want to be at in person and create an alert so you’ll get a reminder before it starts. You can catch the sessions that you can’t squeeze in on-demand after the show. 

3. Bring the Trade Show Back to your Team

Take a lot of photos!  If you want to take video, the proper Trade Show Etiquette is to ask the presenter if you can record first.


Grab all the printed material you can, capture as many notes and photos as you can. You can ship printed material back home right at the Convention Center. Then, produce your own mini-Trade Show when you get back!

4. Stay Safe

Definitely utilize hand washing stations and maintain a safe social distance. 

5. Plan you snacks and Meals

Bring some snacks with you, lines can get very long and you are going to want to eat and stay hydrated.

6. Stretch your Body

Utilize the Venue’s fitness facilities. Doing some stretching will help keep those hamstrings from tightening up and also keep you in the best frame of mind.

7. Bring a pair (or two) of shoes

Changing your shoes during the event will help keep your feet from getting tired. Pack a pair or two. 

8. Review the Map of the Event Beforehand

Know where you’re going to be going so you can prepare yourself for the walk.

9. Bring a lot of Business Cards

Technology can help keep up with new contacts, but Business Cards are still a thing. Bring a lot to share and plan to collect a lot of cards. You could try a Business Card scanning app to enter them all as you go. 


If you’re attending The International Surfaces Event this year, be sure to add their inaugural Women’s Leadership Conference to your calendar!