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The 21-Day Reel Deal Challenge

Whether you’ve been creating Reels and want to up your game, or you’re not even sure what they are or how to get started, we’ve got just the thing for you!

Introducing the. . .

 21 Day Reels Challenge to kick off ’22!

From January 6th through January 27th, 2022 , we will work together to work with you to master Reels.  With the help of our community, we’re keeping you accountable and motivated to post. 

As an added bonus, we’ll be featuring your reels in our group for instant engagement and feedback. (Aren’t immediate results AWESOME???)

One Reel every day. That means not only will you have amazing material for all o f your socials, you’ll be making quality, effective video content that you can use and re-use over and over to boost traffic and get leads – on your website, in customer packages, in advertising – you name it, video is the way to customer engagement. 

But I don’t have time! Investing just 15-30 min of your time daily for a big payoff in engagement and reach.  We’ll be tracking results on your progress in creating reels and their impact on your social marketing.  We’ll meet once per week to check in and see where we’re at and what we loved and hated. We’ll share the good, the bad, and the ugly until we get where we want to be!

Wondering ‘But what will I even post for 21 days?’ Don’t worry, we’ll be working right alongside you to provide tried-and-tested Reels ideas (and tips for creating them) for every day of the challenge.

Worried about “missing” a day? NO PROBLEM!  You’ll have access to the program (including the planner and results tracker) and the exclusive Facebook cohort (with our “live” weekly check-in Q and As) for this group for the next year – try it whenever you have time!

  • You’ll get daily prompts designed to reach your Customers
  • We’ll meet weekly on Thursdays for Group Coaching/Q & A
  • You’ll have 21 pieces of video content (the most effective media for building traffic and engagement) to re-use in campaigns and other marketing efforts
  • & by the time we’re done, your reach, engagement and follower count on Social Media will grow significantly!
Sign up below and we’ll see you inside the Challenge!

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