Women of the Flooring Business

This Year the Holidays Matter More Than Ever to Your Customers

I was speaking with my next-door neighbor about what she was serving for Thanksgiving. She told me she had enough points at one of the grocery stores, so she could get a free turkey! To get the turkey, she had to spend $250.00 in groceries the previous month. I started thinking; we did something very similar 30 years ago! If you spent $2000.00 in October or November, we would give a coupon for a free turkey! By the way, she doesn’t need a free turkey, ham, Tofurkey roast or anything else. I asked her why she was doing it, and she said it’s fun counting the points and then turning them in for something free.

COVID-19 has shown us that little things matter more than ever. You could become a hit if you gave out hand sanitizer, toilet paper or so what are you doing for your customers? 

Here are five suggestions that will make you a hit in your neighborhood!

  1. Think digital. Everyone is online especially during the holiday season. Why not have a silent auction on your site with part of the proceeds going to the food pantry? Talk with your neighboring businesses and get them involved, see what they can offer for your auction. 
  1. Don’t let the holidays get away from you. We get so involved in our own lives. we forget that our customers and employees may be feeling left out and not sure what to do this season. Get everyone involve in decorating and don’t forget to have a holiday party for your employees. 
  1. Get Christmas trees, wreaths, mistletoe, and decorative greens for your parking lot. Don’t forget to decorate like you’ve never done before! We can all use some cheer, and it doesn’t matter what your religion. I don’t know if there’s such a thing as a Chanukah bush; some say yes and some say no, why not put up a menorah? Last year, I gave a holiday dinner, and we celebrated several religions. It was enjoyable learning about other religions. 

You can give away greens, wreaths, a tree, mistletoe. Possible you can get a local nursery to use your parking lot and set up a stand? 

  1. Food is also a great gift. Platters of cooks, pies or hot chocolate or cider served in plastic cups. If you’re uncomfortable with people drinking or eating in your store, package everything to go. They key is to have something for everyone including the postman, UPS drivers and everyone who delivers or calls on your business. 
  1. One year we gave out fake pearl or diamond earrings in a tiny jewelry box. The customers loved them!   Who doesn’t need an extra pair of earrings or a little pearl bracelet even if it’s to pass on? 
  1. I suggest you send a donation to your local animal shelter or to first responders in your customer’s name; you determine the amount they must spend. Anything that has to do with supporting your community will be appreciated and separate you from your competitors.
  1. Cross sell with another shop. It can Let’s say you’re selling kitchen floors; talk with a local kitchen designer, or a shop that sells kitchen cabinets or appliances and gives a discount that you can pass off to your clients. This can be a real winner for the holidays and just requires a little thought. 
  1. Create a social media calendar for your business. Who do you want to thank and what days do you want to post? Each day can be a motivational quote to make your customers feel better. 
  1.  Make the front of your store the shiniest building on the block. With economic concerns, it’s easy to forget that you can lift spirits.  
  1. Don’t forget to go live from your store; what about caroling in front of your store? How about getting your employees to sing a few tunes and do a broadcast? It doesn’t matter what you do but do it before the holidays are over.