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Why Every Flooring Store needs a Jenn

If I told you that I answer phones, take messages, make appointments, ask clients for feedback, and manage installers you would think that I’m a secretary but you’d be wrong. I am a Carpet Girl. More specifically, I am a Carpet Girl who specializes in Project Management. Thave experience in every aspect of the flooring project. I’ve sold jobs, delivered rugs, drove carpets to different states on huge trucks-I’ve done a bit of everything which makes me an excellent project manager. I understand every step needed for a project to be successful. If you want to run a successful flooring store you really do need a Jenn. 

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As a project manager, my job is to make sure every aspect of The Carpet Girl experience is pinpointed and customized to each individual client and that all items needed for the job are ordered correctly, and that the installers are educated as to the exact nature of the project. This seems like something that a saleswoman could do, but that isn’t very cost-effective for your business. Why? Well, who is going to market your company, network, meet with clients, close projects and juggle the reps while the salesmen are managing the calendar? Use your salespeople for the reason you hired them- TO SELL! 

“I’ve done a bit of everything and that’s what has made me an excellent project manager.”

The project manager should be managing not only the clients but the installers and saleswomen as well. For my saleswomen, I make sure that their calendar is organized and that they have all the information on the plans that they need to have a successful consultation. Does this project require cove base? 4 or 6 inches? Floor pre? Rip up and disposal? Furniture manipulation? These seem like small things but can quickly add up if you didn’t bill the client for them! I call their clients the day before their appointments to remind them and to give them directions. I check stock for my saleswomen and often act as a liaison between them and the reps. If they sell material that is back-ordered (and what isn’t right now!?) I will periodically call the client and reassure them. This helps make the client feel valued and secure in their decision to do business with you. For the clients, I am their main contact. I am the first person they typically talk to. I set the tone. We are ‘Your Friend in Floors!” 

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I always ask clients how they would like to be contacted. If you are a teacher you can’t entertain phone calls between 9-3 but you certainly can text! Some people prefer emails. I confirm appointments, let them know that their material was ordered, work with them to schedule their installation, and stay in contact with them on the day of their project. You never want to call a client and say ‘hey did the guys get there yet?! It makes you look like you don’t know what is happening. Instead, I call and say ‘G’morning! I just wanted to make sure my boys got there safely this morning! If you have any questions at any point today please give me a call. I’m here if you need me!’ I always call them AFTER the installation is completed to thank them for their business and to compliment them on their choices. A happy customer is one who gives referrals to their friends and family. 

For my installers, I am their point of contact. I need to ensure that they have all the information they need to walk into a project and complete it perfectly. I contact the warehouse beforehand so that all materials are pulled and waiting for them. I make sure that they have their work order which has all information needed. I carefully plot out their calendars so that not only do they have a full workday- they drive no more than 20 mins to their second stop. Being involved in sales previously helps here. I know how to read the plans. I know that my guys can knock out 2 bedrooms wall to wall in the same time it takes to do a dozen stringers. This ensures that my men are always happy with the way their calendars are set up. If there are any issues on the day of the project the clients and installers call me, not the saleswomen. This is where my relationships with the clients and installers come into play. I listen to the issue at hand, answer any questions that I can, and assure the client that they will be happy. I let them know that I understand what they are feeling and that I will work to correct any mistakes. 


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If your salespeople did all that, when would they sell? Having a ‘Jenn’ on your staff is a way to ensure everyone involved in the project is happy and being serviced while your salespeople do what they do best. Having a project manager has allowed Dianne (Owner, The Carpet Girl)  to bring on another saleswoman and now she’s looking to expand The Carpet Girl team and to set up franchises. She’s discovered the key to being successful in this industry- it is having a Jenn.

Jenn stillwell

Jenn Stillwell

Jenn has been a Carpet Girl for over 5 years. She serves as Project Manager at The Carpet Girl, based in New Jersey. Jenn coordinates all projects big and small. She ensures client satisfaction and is the liaison between the saleswomen and the installers.