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Why you need to use an install Checklist

Author: Jenn Wooding, Raleigh, North Carolina

Even small tasks require several steps, when we forget or accidentally skip a step, errors occur, and business errors cost money. 

The process of creating a checklist is to break down all the major tasks into smaller and more specific tasks. This makes us more comfortable and confident that all tasks will be done correctly and the way you want them done. Creating a checklist requires you to break down all major tasks into smaller and more specific tasks. This makes us more comfortable and confident that all tasks will be done correctly, so we delegate more and become more productive.

Flooring is one of the most expensive home improvements that a consumer will make in their lifetime.  Most consumers will only purchase flooring twice in their lives.  When a homeowner decides they are ready to replace their floors, instant panic sets in.  The top questions are- How long will it take? What is the warranty on the work completed?  How do we move all this stuff/furniture we have?  Are the installer’s employees? How does it work with sub-contractors? Do they have insurance?

I’m sure we have all gotten these questions.  We can tell the customer the answers and explain our process, but 9/10 times, they aren’t listening, or they forget. 

Failure to have a written checklist will leave you wide open for problems when it comes time for installation and could lead to lawsuits.  This is nothing more than a CYA (cover you’re a@#) document.  It outlines the expectations that we have of the customer, as well as what we need to happen to make the job go smoothly.

This is the final step of your sales process.  When you get ready to take the deposit, you can go over these items with your customer.  Having them initial this, will often bring up additional questions/concerns that you can then address.

Another reason to have a checklist is that it builds trust with your installers.  When an installer shows up to the job on a Monday am at 7:30 and the customer is frazzled because they have no idea what to expect, this can immediately set off your installers.  Often resulting in phone calls to you and creating unnecessary stress for everyone.  When this happens, the trust your customer has in you decreases and your installers get frustrated. 

In this business, you cannot just “fly by the seat of your pants” and hope that every install goes well.  However, what we can do to prevent problems, outline all expectations up front.  Flooring is a big-ticket item, and our customers do not do this every day.  We cannot assume they know what our process is.  We must be very clear on what we want our working relationship to look like.

I must be honest; I am hit or miss on this part of the process.  When I do it, I can tell the difference in how each project went.  My installers don’t call 10 times a day; the homeowner is less stressed and the most important thing- we get paid! 

Try implementing this, I bet you will have happier customers, and the referrals will roll in!

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